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April 7., 2013

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08:20 pm - so I ran away to Mexico...
I am 500 feet from the beach.  It is amazing.  I should take up surfing.  I don't know what this means about my life, nor do I want to.  I am an apprentice to a retired gringo artist with a gallery, who exploits rich tourists.  Which actually seems to be a theme in my life, so let's not explore what that means either.  On Thursdays there is Art Walk and we serve wine and cheese.  Mexico is warm and there is a lot of sun.  All of the things that were missing from my life in the PNW.  And I can speak Spanish again.  And basically have no cares.  (so you say...)
Excited for newness?  yes!  Slightly disappointed in myself?  yes.  Missing a certain someone?  (see remaining profile pic.)  I still think maybe it will work out some day but not today.  Today I am on Mexican time.  There is no time.  There is no hurry.  There is no "have to."  I have a condo with a beach view that is free and I am outside at night in short sleeves and bare feet.  I am enjoying my youth and unattachedness.  This is my choice because it is fun and not because it is responsible, which is apparently the most terrifying word in the world.  Hilarious how I spent so many years making sure I had this "future" but now that I'm at the age to have it, I don't want it.  Can my future start in 10 more years?  I think I had to grow up too fast and now my body is physically rejecting adulthood.  So I will live here, with the ex-patriots who are escaping their lives, their responsibilities, their age...and I guess now I am one of them too...
Current Location: Cabo Wabo
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Date:Mai 15., 2013 02:10 am (UTC)
wtf. I've been looking for you... get on the real internet, lady! send me an email! skype! facebook! I have things to tell/show/ask you! I miss you!
so I ran away to Mexico... - Algeria! Algeria!

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