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Juli 22., 2008

07:10 pm
Hello paintstrokes

I've been awake for 36 hours...
More weird paint photos. Plus! Music for you to listen to at home! (on the d.l.)(because I like you.)Collapse )
Race In -Battles
Sweetness to the Lord -Spacious Mind
Where I Like to Stand -Vashti Bunyan
Carnival Jump -Sandy Bull
Persuasion -Throbbing Gristle
Labyrinth -Art Bears
Riddle -Art Bears
All I Need -Caroline
Nin-Com-Pop -Lali Puna
Mystic Prism -White Rainbow
Satori Part 1 -Flower Travellin' Band
Satori Part 2 -Flower Travellin' Band
Open Country Joy -Mahavishnu Orchestra
Undercurrent -Windy and Carl

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Juli 14., 2008

09:50 pm
Regresamos de l'aventura grande.

And I want to ride my bike everywhere forever. It was a really good adventure. And summer vacation still goes on.....

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Mai 27., 2008

05:16 pm

"I'd say if you want something done,
get together and do it yourself. I'm
not the boss -- I'm not gonna tell
you what to do. Anarchists are some
of the most organized people I know
because you gotta learn to be your
own government."
Utah Phillips
You're my hero.

Aktuelle Musik: Fellow Workers

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Mai 25., 2005

08:19 am
"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I'll meet you there." (rumi.)

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Mai 14., 2005

11:52 am - The Way Out
"The only way to solve the property question is to cease to be interested in it; to be so interested in something else that the property problem solves itself by the way."
D.H. Lawrence
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Aktuelle Musik: The Raveonettes

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Algeria! Algeria!

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