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April 7., 2013

08:20 pm - so I ran away to Mexico...
I am 500 feet from the beach.  It is amazing.  I should take up surfing.  I don't know what this means about my life, nor do I want to.  I am an apprentice to a retired gringo artist with a gallery, who exploits rich tourists.  Which actually seems to be a theme in my life, so let's not explore what that means either.  On Thursdays there is Art Walk and we serve wine and cheese.  Mexico is warm and there is a lot of sun.  All of the things that were missing from my life in the PNW.  And I can speak Spanish again.  And basically have no cares.  (so you say...)
Excited for newness?  yes!  Slightly disappointed in myself?  yes.  Missing a certain someone?  (see remaining profile pic.)  I still think maybe it will work out some day but not today.  Today I am on Mexican time.  There is no time.  There is no hurry.  There is no "have to."  I have a condo with a beach view that is free and I am outside at night in short sleeves and bare feet.  I am enjoying my youth and unattachedness.  This is my choice because it is fun and not because it is responsible, which is apparently the most terrifying word in the world.  Hilarious how I spent so many years making sure I had this "future" but now that I'm at the age to have it, I don't want it.  Can my future start in 10 more years?  I think I had to grow up too fast and now my body is physically rejecting adulthood.  So I will live here, with the ex-patriots who are escaping their lives, their responsibilities, their age...and I guess now I am one of them too...
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März 10., 2013

01:08 pm - well, so that happened...
I think I'm posting here again because I feel like a dumb 17 year old.  What was I thinking?  I am being completely insane.  I am grounding myself from leaving the house after dark. And really, take away my phone too.  
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Februar 4., 2013

07:57 pm - hermana al rescate
safe in the city of madness for now.  
who knows what is next.  
I was afraid not to know,
but then I remembered
it was exactly what I wanted all along.  
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Januar 28., 2013

10:11 pm - Are we ever old enough to stop sabotaging ourselves?
I am not there yet...

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Juli 1., 2012

04:34 pm - 55 and raining :(
We are having a competition: Which city has the coldest summer--Seattle or San Francisco? It's pretty close. I want to go back to Spain...
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April 10., 2011

09:43 pm

I was being nostalgic tonight and logged on to
livejournal. I kind of feel like I'm visiting an old friend.
Is anyone still there? Tell me how you are.
Even if you are reading this in 3 months, or a year. I still want to know.
Life is crazy, isn't it? I used to post here about all of the things
in my life that were out of my control. And maybe to help myself
remember the things that were good. It gave me a sort of strength.
This last year held a lot of change, loss, growth, pain, love, healing, and more.
Things are mostly good now. I think I will actually graduate college this
spring. I remember thinking I'd never get here. Suddenly, I'm deciding where
to go when it's over...

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Dezember 17., 2008

10:01 pm - crazy Olympians
Do most places cancel school when it snows a little? I mean, I thought for a snow day it should be more like feet, not inches. But what do I know. I'm from California. I just think people here might be slightly paranoid...?
On the positive, I went sledding for the first time! Fun!
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Dezember 14., 2008

01:29 pm
It never stops being hilarious

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Oktober 24., 2008

05:52 pm
I just had an interview and portfolio review with a study abroad program in Madrid. Keep your fingers crossed.
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August 26., 2008

08:48 pm
I have to admit it: I got a little teary watching Hilary tonight. It would have been pretty awesome to see a woman elected president. But--hopefully the better person was chosen.
Summer is neverending and I love it. My spirits have been sky(e)-high. I still have 4 more weeks until school starts. I feel like I've been here, there, and everywhere. Plus, a few places left to go. And in between, I filled out an application or two to study abroad next year. I've been going to all these art museums and reading so much about art history, I think I really need to go to the source, so hopefully after this year, I'll be in Europe. Unless something more exciting comes along. We'll see...

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Algeria! Algeria!

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